Naturally Healthy

Saturday, January 21, 2006

This is no candy. CocoaVia delivers real heart-healthy benefits via chocolate pleasure.(CocoaVia first heart-healthy snack)

Superfoods Are the Key to Healthy Eating in the New Year.

Superfoods, the heavy-hitters of the food world, have been creating quite a stir among nutritionists and consumers, alike; now there's even more reason for excitement. In best-selling author Dr. Steven Pratt's new book "SuperFoods HealthStyle," -- in stores in January -- new items have been added to the list of nutrient-rich, health-boosting superfoods. These include: apples, cinnamon, kiwifruit, herbs and spices, honey, dark chocolate and pomegranates. With the arrival of the New Year, millions of Americans will resolve to lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Rather than focus on fad diets that are typically short-lived, incorporating superfoods can lead to lasting health benefits and healthy weight management. (more )